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Industry Advantages

Oral medical equipment more than 20 years of industry experience, has a strong medical device / equipment partner, and has passed ISO13485, EU CE certification and many national patents; the company has an independent research and development innovation ability team. Main products: dental comprehensive treatment chair, medical air compressor, oral endoscope, photoendoscope, dental cleaning machine, high and low speed mobile phone, dental consumables, denture processing plant equipment; oral equipment a full range of supporting services.

Competitive Edge

Independent research and development team, constantly increase advanced production equipment, with independent hardware processing workshop, chair production workshop, exclusive parts supply partners, personally select material, three inspection, three tests, strictly check zero tolerance for unqualified products.

We Promise

If the product fails, respond within 2 hours, give a satisfactory solution within 24 hours, and solve the live video tutorial live. The warranty shall be calculated for one year from the time when the customer confirms the receipt of the goods. When the failure occurs after the warranty expires, the after-sales service will still be done and solved in time.