Guangzhou Zhou jiang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. sends you blessings for Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Reunion Festival, the Moon Festival, the August Festival, etc., is the Mid-Autumn Festival in China on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month every year, which is the second largest traditional festival in China after the Spring Festival.  The Mid-Autumn Festival is called because August is in the middle of July, August and September (referring to the lunar calendar) in autumn, and 15 of the 30 days in August are in the middle.  Therefore, the night is filled with a bright moon, and more people gather together with their families on this night.  The full moon symbolizes reunion, expressing their longing for their hometown and loved ones, and praying for a bountiful harvest and happiness.  Therefore, it is also known as the Reunion Festival.

The Mid-Autumn Festival originated from the customs of autumn worship and moon worship in ancient China.  It took shape in the Han Dynasty.  In the Tang Dynasty, the custom of appreciating the moon in the Mid Autumn Festival began to prevail.  In the Mid Autumn Festival, the temperature was cool but  not cold, the sky was high and the air was cool, and the moon shed moonlight high in the sky.  It was the best time to appreciat the moon.  It was named as the Mid-Autumn Festival.  Later on, the element of offering sacrifices to the moon was gradually replaced by appreciating the moon, and the color of offering sacrifices gradually faded.  However, this festival activity continued and was given new meanings, representing the beautiful wishes for family reunion, gratitude, and blessings.